iROKKO Concepts provides total marketing solutions services for your company. We pride ourselves in helping clients establish the building blocks that aid their development and success.

Our approach is to first establish and quantify what it is you want to achieve; be it Brand Awareness, Marketing, Advertising, and Radio/ TV contents development or a combination of these. Only then do we select the appropriate channels for you to exploit.

We provide small to medium sized companies with a BIG marketing presence, often with just a shoestring budget. How? By delivering two essential elements that large companies usually do very well, but smaller companies often skip, or just don’t take the time to do:

  1. We help make the marketing strategy an integrated part of your business strategy.
    Every business has goals they want to achieve, but too few companies have a marketing strategy in place to realize those goals. We help make those goals a reality by creating a marketing strategy that is practical and achievable.
  2. We help companies develop a consistent, benefit-driven message to their target market.
    Implemented across all of the marketing channels, a consistent, benefits-driven message tells your target market exactly what they want to know – “what’s in it for me.” We help companies deliver their message to the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Our marketing communications services incorporate the full-range of marketing from strategy and planning to implementation, design and delivery. With our diverse background, we help companies to:

  • Generate targeted leads that turn into sales
  • Build awareness and visibility in the marketplace
  • Develop and promote the company brand